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For kids 12 & under. All meals come with a drink and dessert!

Prices & items may vary by location.






chicken fingers


Juice Apple (120 Cals), Orange (120 Cals) or Cranberry (120 Cals) , Milk (White (130 Cals) or Chocolate (170 Cals), or soft drink Pepsi (110 Cals), Diet Pepsi (0 Cals), Root Beer (120 Cals), 7up (120 Cals), Iced Tea (90 Cals), Lemonade (100 Cals), Orange Crush (110 Cals)



A hamburger, plus any side you'd like. Yum!

Add cheese (Add 60 Cals)

(440-850 Cals)

Mac & Cheese

Pasta with gooey cheese sauce and sprinkle of parmesan cheese! Plus any side you'd like.

(730-1140 Cals)

Add bacon (40 Cals)

Cheese Pizza

Just cheese please! Tomato sauce and cheese on a mini pizza, plus any side you'd like.

(480-890 Cals)

Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings tossed in a mild sauce plus a side of your choice. And make sure to save room for your veggies, they come with ranch dip!

(600 -1010 Cals)

Chicken Fingers

Bet you love chicken fingers! Get three freshly prepared chicken fingers served with plum sauce and a side of your choice.

(460 - 870 Cals)

Grilled Chicken

Juicy chicken breast served with veggies and ranch dressing on the side.

(410 Cals)

Build your own pasta

Step 1: Pick your Noodle

Spaghetti (260 Cals)
Spirals (260 Cals)
Gluten-Free Penne (200 Cals)

Step 2: Pick your sauce

Tomato sauce (80 Cals)
Alfredo sauce (150 Cals)

Step 3: Eat!

3. choose one sweet treat

pop-up ice cream

Your choice of Chocolate (170 Cals) or Strawberry (80 Cals)

feeling bold? Substitute your pop-up ice cream for a messy Chocolate chip cookie!

A warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Add $1.99

(800 Cals)

side options:

Fries (420 Cals), Kettle Chips (450 Cals), Caesar Salad (230 Cals), Fresh-Cut Veggies (40 Cals), Mashed Potatoes (200 Cals)

Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2000 calories a day, children (ages 4-12) need an average of 1500 calories a day. However, individual needs vary.

Food Allergy Caution - the safety and satisfaction of our Guests is our highest priority. Although precaution is taken to manage the risk of allergen cross contamination in our kitchen, please be advised that there is a possibility of cross contamination during preparation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a menu item is free of peanuts, tree nuts and/or other allergens. Applicable taxes extra. Gluten Friendly items are made with gluten free ingredients, however, please be advised that cross contamination with gluten containing products may occur in our kitchen during preparation. Please ask your server for details.