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grilled cheese n' soup combo

grilled cheese n' soup combo

We take this classic combo to the next level! Made fresh in-house, everyone's fave gooey grilled cheese is served smack dab in the middle of our creamy roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

14.99  (1050 cals)

totally triple lunch combo

1/2 a BBQ Chicken Club sandwich, your choice of garden or Caesar salad and soup. Ask your server for our pipin' hot soup options.

12.99  (650-1140 cals)

serious soup n' salad combo

Get serious about your lunch with your choice of garden, Caesar or Sonoma salad and soup. Ask your server for our pipin' hot soup options.

10.99  (210-980 cals)

salt and vinny fish & chips

A wild North Pacific cod fillet coated in crushed salt and vinegar chips and fried to perfection. Paired with fries, coleslaw, malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

11.99  (1150 cals)

1/2 full-on flatbread combo 9.99

(530-860 cals)

1.Pick Your Flatbread:

Feta Bruschetta Flatbread (510 CALS)
Fresh marinated Roma tomatoes and basil pesto, topped with fresh basil, feta cheese and balsamic glaze.

BBQ Chicken Flatbread (580 CALS)
Seasoned chicken, BBQ sauce, double-smoked bacon, caramelized onions and a three cheese blend. Topped with green onions.

2.Pick Your Salad:

Garden (20 CALS) or Caesar salad (280 CALS)