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messy cookie sandwich

white chocolate cheesecake

A dark chocolate cookie crumble crust filled with thick white chocolate cheesecake. Served with your choice of strawberry, peanut butter or caramel sauce. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

(1020-1180 cals)

brownie pops

Brownies battered, golden fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Served with caramel sauce for dipping.

(780 cals)

funnel cake fries

Golden fried strips of funnel cake topped with cinnamon sugar. Served warm with French Vanilla ice cream and choice of strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, or caramel sauce.

(750-810 cals)

dessert treat trio

GREAT FOR SHARING! Funnel Cake Fries, Brownie Pops and two Go Nuts Donuts.

(1450-1730 cals)

go nuts donuts

Warm donuts stuffed with Nutella® and sprinkled with icing sugar. Served with your choice of peanut butter sauce or caramel sauce for dipping.

(1110-1330 cals)

messy cookie sandwich

THIS IS ONE SANDWICH YOU CAN'T EAT WITH YOUR HANDS! French Vanilla ice cream placed between two giant warm chocolate chip cookies. Topped with chocolate and thick caramel sauce.

(1680 cals)

PB+J brownie sundae

PB+J brownie sundae

WE WON'T JUDGE YOU IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SHARE THIS DELECTABLE DIGESTIBLE. Our cookie jar jar filled with chocolate brownies, French Vanilla ice cream, REESE® peanut butter sauce, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.

(1560 cals)